Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mobile Sandbox with Dinosaurs

Jo Isaac wrote, "I know you have a thing for wheelbarrows...this is how we used ours for a few years - mobile sand-box!" (in the Adelaide Hills)

I'm back to add a follow-up:
Funny—Kai saw the picture of the sand-barrow in your blog while I was looking at it, and asked if I could put the sand back in it! It's the first nice day of Spring, so I hosed it down (we'd been using it to haul firewood!) and patched up its holes, and put the sand back in. He played out there for hours—but he's so tall now, he has to stoop down to get in there!
Jo, in Australia

I asked, "Spring starts on the first of the month and not the equinox?"

Jo wrote, "Yes, it's very odd...after growing up in England, I can never get used to it."

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