Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spinach, oranges and herbs (Portugal)

Cá Fernandes Maciel, of Lisbon, visiting her mother-in-law at Christmastime, wrote:
Sandra Dodd, this made me think about you. I'm picking spinach, oranges and many different herbs in my mother in law garden with one of "those cars" that I forgot the name.
Nice photo of the supports around the wheel. Picking spinach and oranges in the same place is amazing, to someone from New Mexico. :-)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winchester, UK, 2011

Used the image casually in a post called It makes much more sense, in which I quoted Ben Lovejoy saying
When we learned how to ride a bike, we thought that first way that we learned was the only way that a bike could be ridden. There was just no other way. Having ridden over 10,000 miles of roads and over 50 bike trails in the past six years, I can tell you that my initial experience on a bike was nothing like I've had as an adult. As with my cycling, I've realized there is more than one way to live our lives. Living life based upon principles is a better way for me than living by rules. It's more honest, respectful, truthful, and makes much more sense. Principles have allowed me to figure out that music is a journey and not a destination that ends when I reached a certain age. Principles have allowed me to realize that riding a bike is a means and not an end. Principles have allowed me to think further about better ways to parent than using someone else's rules. Principles, in short, do not limit me the way that rules once did.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mother Goose coloring page from Dover Books

Dover books offers free sharing of some of its coloring books. This was a free digital sample, for printing out. I don't know, though, which Mother Goose rhyme it is illustrating. If anyone does know, please leave a note. And if you feel like coloring this or other things you print out feel free to lift this, and to go to to sign up for free samples by e-mail.

AHA! December 21, 2013, got wise and googled it:
When I was a little boy, I lived by myself,
And all the bread and cheese I got I put upon a shelf;
The rats and the mice, they made such a strife,
I was forced to go to London to buy me a wife.
The streets were so broad, and the lanes were so narrow,
I was forced to bring my wife home in a wheelbarrow;
The wheelbarrow broke, and my wife had a fall,
And down came the wheelbarrow, wife and all.

I remember the first part, so I will look later at my childhood Mother Goose book and see what it says! Maybe there was a picture there, too. (here it is)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas tree lot, Albuquerque

Truck, chainsaw, shovel, posthole diggers… Nice!
We bought our Christmas tree from the owner of these tools, southwest of Juan Tabo and Menaul.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Delhi, India

Sweekriti Singh wrote: "My brain has begun associating wheelbarrows with you, so when I saw one here (in Delhi, India) this morning I had to share it..."