Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A wheelbarrow in Bananaland

From "Journey to Bananaland," with Paul Rubens, from The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

I know I usually just show the wheelbarrow and let you go on with your business, but this one leads to "the movie," which leads to the actual original.

It's short but potentially offensive. I'll rate it R for [stupid cartoonish] violence, and sexual innuendo. PG, depending on the kids.

I first saw it on a flashback from another Jimmy Kimmel episode, about the 35th anniversary of the Tim Burton film "Peewee's Big Adventure," in 2020, here.

You can see the original documentary, without Paul Rubens, from 1950, at the internet archive. It's a little over 20 minutes long.

"Bananaland" is described as being Mexico, through central America to Colombia, and some Caribbean nations. Because Honduras is marked darker than the rest, that's where I'm going to locate that wheelbarrow. It's a guess.

If anyone spots another wheelbarrow in there, please leave a note with the time (minutes/seconds) in there, or send me a note on facebook or by e-mail,