Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Not enough money

Alex Polikowsky sent this listing for an antique in Minnesota:

I think she should've asked for more.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Folding wheelbarrow

This is a cross between a plastic bag and a wheelbarrow (in a good way), and watching this in use brings up questions of what is and is not a wheelbarrow. "A barrow" can be a stretcher, seems—two poles with a canvas "bed." This is that, with a wheel to replace the second bearer.

Thanks to Theresa Larson for bringing it to my attention.

Allsop WheelEasy folding wheelbarrow—and it can be hung from one hook, collapsed—mostly wheel and handles.

I looked for and found other folding wheelbarrow entries on various mail-order sites, but "no longer available" seemed common, and some designs were a bit convoluted. Easy storage and loading seem the benefits, but I can't well imagine one of these being forty years old and still useful, and compared to a traditional, manufactured wheelbarrow, it's expensive.

Still, philosophically, it's a good "Is this a wheelbarrow?" item, and look at the pivot of the handles to the axle/frame of the wheel, when it's hung on the wall.

We use a fabric wood sling with two wooden handles. Using this for firewood is like a wood sling with a wheel.

It's causing me to review what I know of slings and wheelbarrows.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pistachio shell?

Scene by Kirsty Elson, in Cornwall. Sent to me by Caren Knox, who wrote, "Looks like a pistachio shell wheelbarrow!"

Click the image or artist's name for more images.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

At work in Rotherfield

We've seen this pub before, and maybe this wheelbarrow, but on this day it was involved in something beautiful, which Janine Davies captured for us, and wrote:
A wheelbarrow at the Kings Arms pub, Rotherfield. I have sent a wheelbarrow to you before from here, but I liked the set up here, so I wanted you to see it. There is gardening happening behind the arbor — mainly pots being planted up. I just love the arbor with the pretty dusty pink clematis spreading over it. The colours are nice also I thought, with the pink flowers, green grass and brick. The wheelbarrow is being upstaged I think.

John Deere, maybe 100 years old

My nephew, Paul Mountain Faith Trujillo, sent this, from a Buy/Sell/Trade listing in Albuquerque:
Vintage John Deere wheelbarrow unlike no other. Asking only $60. I am assuming it is more than 100 years old or older and is in great condition for the age. Any reasonable offers will be considered. I Have done many internet searches and have looked at many different antique websites but have not found this specific wheelbarrow. The only one I found like it, someone painted it and to me as a collector, I believe they took the value away from it. I believe that this is a historic artifact and should be in a museum. $60 but any reasonable offer will be considered and i can also deliver. Again this is a vintage John Deere wheelbarrow estimated to be over 100 years old or possibly older. Thanks for looking at my post and happy shopping!!!

I appreciate the nicely done blurb and photos by the seller, Phillip Michael, who already has buyers and maybe should have said "highest bidder."

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Be excellent...

Colleen Prieto, May 13:
This evening, the entrance to the University of New Hampshire organic garden field was decorated with a wheelbarrow that was decorated with a sign that said "treat each other well."