Friday, March 22, 2024

Wheelbarrows in Lagos

Marieke van Der Graaf, writing of things she saw on moving to Lagos in March 2024:

"- some people sleep in wheel barrows at bus stops, they use the wheel barrows during the day to make money and bring goods for people and then sleep in it (waiting for another job?)"

Her post is public, and there are a few photos, but none of a wheelbarrow. Not yet.
Public post for those on facebook

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Traditional Korean farmyard

From the kdrama "My Liberation Notes," episode 5, the front yard of a farmhouse. The low table is called a pyeong-sang (flat table), and it's used as a room, in that people leave their shoes on the ground. Sometimes a small table is put in the middle (for food or drinks), or sometimes it's just for sitting, or lounging.

There are other Korean-looking things, and the wheelbarrow is probably generic, rather than local. But I've seen more plastic (rather than steel) pans lately, and this one has a steel brace in the front, rising from the axle, to strengthen the part that might be holding the most weight when the wheelbarrow is in motion.