Saturday, September 19, 2020

Medieval, with flowers, painted

"Virgin and Child on a Crescent Moon in the Rothschild Prayerbook, c. 1500–1520" is the description of the lefthand page, and that is by Gerard David, who may or may not have done the wheelbarrow on the next page.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Green chile in New Mexico

Green chile harvest time in New Mexico!

Photos were forwarded by Laurie McPherson. The wheelbarrow photo is by Liddie Martinez, of EspaƱola.

The second is from the facebook page of

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Allotment wheelbarrows, real and imagined

The logo of an allotment society. Janine Davies sent it.

Their whole site with the Covid-19 rules is pretty interesting:

Photos Janine took:

Hobbit House Wheelbarrow

Sometimes, for fun, I look at Air B&B listings. I found this:
Help yourself to seasonal products from our polytunnel

I think if you click the photo you can see many images of the Hobbit House for rent in Scotland. That house has a little hobbit... gazebo? Patio? And I guess it's behind the hosts' house, but not very near it. There's a path, also pictured.

Hobbit Hideaway - A wee slice of Scottish paradise

But the important thing is there's a wheelbarrow. :-)

Sunday, July 5, 2020


"I wanted to share this wheelbarrow water fountain that my husband took upon himself to build. I did NOT ask him to do this! It was something he saw one day while he was out working. He took a picture and decided to build it! I love when he does things to beautify without me asking."

That's the quote from a blogpost sent to me by Lisa Cottrell-Bentley.

The title of that was:

tuesday, july 3, 2012
Update: Super excited to share that this project was featured in Country Sampler Special Gardens Issue!!!

I can't tell where the family lives, but would guess California or Arizona, based on a couple of photos. I could be wrong.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Cinematic focus

This is an image of a wheelbarrow.

In this field of "junk" (some of it artfully arranged; not all), the wheelbarrow is framed by that laundry, looking like prayer flags, and the camera angle allows for the (unusually straight) line of the bottom of the hanging laundry to be clear of the parallel edge of the wheelbarrow, so sky shows through.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn there were lights inside the wheelbarrow. The sky is very overcast, but it seems there's light shining through the color.

The scene is about the guy sitting over there on the the side, but the focus of this image is that wheelbarrow.

Also there are lots of pairs of things there—two, and not three, of several items, often close and matching, but in the case of the tables, separate and mismatched; still two. The colors are red, white and blue, and the wheelbarrow is more orange than the other reds.

Korean dramas have some very high-quality cinematography. This is from The King—Eternal Monarch, first episode.