Saturday, November 16, 2013

Boohbah Barrow

Though the original site is gone, I've found a way for you to get there. The game is playable from a computer (maybe not from a tablet or phone) at Boobah Zone. What's below are just images from the game.

Go to Boobah Zone and let it load. Turn the sound on.

Click the box (made of changing colors and sparkles), and click until they show you the wheelbarrow. Each object out of the box is a link to a different wordless game.

You can help a guy fill it up with apples. I'm sorry the art cut off the very bottom; that's just the way they set it on the screen.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Knitter targets wheelbarrow

Barbara Simmonds linked this with a note on Facebook: "Sharing for Sandra Dodd. This reflects both our interests."

click here to see because the old image was gone and I couldn't find free ones.

The knitting above is by Magda Sayeg. She didn't cover a real, regular wheelbarrow, but a larger, built sculpture of a wheelbarrow. And a giant watering can, for a Spring Show in Worcestershire, UK.

This info is from a site that's not there anymore. All the links on this post were gone!
Magda Sayeg es una joven artista americana que descubrió en el tejido el placer de crear arte. Su movimiento llamado “La Guerrilla del Tejido” ya tuvo varios ataques alrededor del mundo, como México, China, Australia (Sidney y Canberra) Italia (Venecia y Milán), Suecia, Holanda, Alemania, Francia, Inglaterra.

Here's something about Magda Sayeg in English. She's in Austin: (a wordpress blog intro)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tortilla Flat (1942)

The world is filling with 75th Anniversary Wizard of Oz things, and in one of the special features is a brief scene from Tortilla Flat, because Terry the Terrier (the dog playing Toto) was in it (just a couple of years later). So was Frank Morgan, who had played the wizard.

So here's Frank Morgan, with a wheelbarrow. :-)