Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wheelbarrow as a chair

Alicia Gonzalez sent this and wrote, "Have You seen this idea before?...I never thought of using it as a chair!!"

I followed the link from the photo above, and someone named Claire Lai had written "I love this lady, she spent most of her life building a theatre on the side of a cliff in Cornwall, by hand with salvaged materials and cement. It is the Minack theatre and she well and truly earned her rest in the wheelbarrow."

But my response to Alicia was: "I hadn't. There are some uncomforable looking archeologist-naps, in a photo in a museum in England. later note: More comfortably, Gigi Polikowsky resting

Stephanie Marr added: "The woman in the photo is Rowena Cade. She spent quite a bit of time around wheelbarrows :)

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