Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two cool wheels

Two little wheels! Like the axle from a handcart or a dolly, put on where there used to be one wheel inside the frame maybe?   

Alex Polikowsky took about twenty photos of wheelbarrows at the Olmstead County Free Fair in July, 2013.  Many of them were marked Olmstead County, or Olmstead County Fair.  These three have been modified to have "dualies."  My guess is that someone who works at the fairgrounds liked to do that.

You can tell on the bottom one that it's a regular wheelbarrow frame, modified.


  1. Yipes! Look at this one:

  2. I could be wrong with my theory that someone at the fairground was fond of doing conversions. True Value is selling commercially created dualies: (the bottom of the images, on the right).

    I took photos at a True Value hardware store in the mountains last week, so I recognized some of those when I saw them today. :-)