Monday, August 5, 2013


Talicska is the Hungarian word for wheelbarrow, and here is something they do with them sometimes:

Move up to 1:28, to get to the mysterious action.

This one is easier to understand:

But guess what? It's an thirteen-year-old international event. If your nation isn't participating, consider amending that.

The Wheelbarrow Olympics (in Hungarian Talicskaolimpia) is an international sports event organized annually in Hosszúhetény village in Baranya county, Hungary. The participants compete individually and in teams, in several categories: solo, double, triple, sandwich and in speed and skill exercises.

Foreign participants of the games have been from Croatia, Denmark, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and South Korea. The games are linked with cultural programmes including concerts and dance performances.

But that information was two years ago, and we've missed the 2013 date. Here's the site:
Wheelbarrolympic Games

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