Thursday, August 1, 2013

French wheelbarrow science and etymology

The French wikipedia page is heavy on physics and the advantage of a larger wheel: (near the bottom there), but it also seems that the French word for wheelbarrow, "brouette", makes it a diminutive of a two-wheeled cart.
Étymologiquement, une brouette est un véhicule à deux roues. Le terme, qui apparaît au xive siècle, serait un diminutif de beroue, lui-même venant du bas latin birota, véhicule à deux roues1.
There is a 13th century mention, in French, cited and quoted on that page, and some 14th.

The illustrations from yesterday might be French. Tomorrow I'll have photos of some modern new wheelbarrows, manufactured in France. Then back to photos I've taken, perhaps.

Here is some (not all) of the scientific examination of how these might work best, from that page (click the image for more):

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