Monday, March 21, 2016

The World Famous Arrowbarrows

First, I love this photo. Rob Schnepp took it at Mount Edgcumbe, in Cornwall, while they were setting up. I asked for a larger image, and he sent it with these note:
The backdrop looked so good so I had to capture it with the Barrows.

I play the part of the Red Baron (or Red Barrow as he's now called).

In this particular show we started with our flags right up the top of the hill by the Manor House so it would look striking as we all walked down to the performance area. Aside from the weather (it was raining), I think we got the desired effect
The image links to a post on their site.

Here's the Red Barrow, downed:

If you're in the UK, they have five appearances scheduled between the end of April and early August: Arrow Barrows (righthand column has the schedule). There are other images there, as well.

A previous post in this blog: Synchronized Wheelbarrows in Cornwall

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