Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wheelbarrow song for Iggy

Looking for a video of The Arrow Barrows, I found this song. I can't credit the author or performer as there wasn't a name, but I'd be glad to credit!

Iggy's Grandpa:

I'll tell you about my wheelbarrow
It is so much fun
I move a lot of stuff with my wheelbarrow
Sometimes I even run

My wheelbarrow has one wheel
Two handles and a tug
It's kind of rusty and squeaks a lot
But it still gets things done

I moved some dirt with my wheelbarrow
I dumped it in pile
Then I put little Iggy in
And pushed him around for a while

He smiled and smiled and held on tight
I made a motor noise
The neighbors looked to find out that
It's just us happy boys

I saw some other songs there and might bring others later.

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