Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spotted at a distance

In Alameda, New Mexico, spotted this:

Through the wonder of a zoom lens, I didn't need to trespass to get a better look.

Fire wood. In May, and it wasn't near the house nor a wood pile, it seemed. Maybe they were cleaning up the field, and tehre were pieces of wood scattered or lost in winter. Maybe they moved it away from the house in case it lured spiders. Maybe they have a hot tub, or a wood-fired kiln or outdoors oven. Some houses have an horno. We had one when I was little, but my mom didn't know how to use it. Some families put a wood stove out in summer. Nada used to move hers in or out seasonally, in the 1970's when she lived north of El Duende. Maybe it was for a bonfire or campfire. Holly has had some outdoors fires this summer at her house.

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