Thursday, July 17, 2014

My dad's birthday

My dad has been gone for over half my life, but he gave me rides in wheelbarrows when I was little, and let us play with his wheelbarrow as much as we wanted to. Somewhere there is a photo of me and my sister sitting under an apple tree, digging in the dirt, with a cousin or two. There's a wheelbarrow.

Somewhere there is a photo of my dad and my Uncle Junior (who is still living) and I think there might be a wheelbarrow in that, too.

This isn't a wheelbarrow, but it's my dad, before I was born. He was strong and always owned a big wheelbarrow. Probably the same one all the years I knew him.

My dad was born July 17, 1926. He died in his fifties. I have outlived him two ways. His name was Kirby Lynn Adams.

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