Saturday, May 3, 2014

Contest imagery (riding in a wheelbarrow full of money)

I pulled a page from Entertainment Weekly, with a photo of a blonde woman in a wheelbarrow full of money, with three people behind her—a dark-haired white man; black man; darker-skinned woman (the woman in the wheelbarrow below).

When I googled to see if I could find the image, I found this one:

This image appeared on "Empowering Everyday Women," and accompanied an editorial by Dianna Hobbs objecting to cigarettes being advertised in Ebony magazine.

The graphics and background are all the same. Same wheelbarrow and money. Different set of models. (Two of the models in the image above are also in the image used in Entertainment Weekly.)

But the motif of a wheelbarrow full of money here is happier than those from Germany between the wars noted in this post: A wheelbarrow full of money

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