Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spinach, oranges and herbs (Portugal)

Cá Fernandes Maciel, of Lisbon, visiting her mother-in-law at Christmastime, wrote:
Sandra Dodd, this made me think about you. I'm picking spinach, oranges and many different herbs in my mother in law garden with one of "those cars" that I forgot the name.
Nice photo of the supports around the wheel. Picking spinach and oranges in the same place is amazing, to someone from New Mexico. :-)


  1. We haver a warm and wet wi ter, good for veggies and fruits. The sauvage spinash likes the orange tree shadow and the acidic soul of it.
    I'm a lucky woman, picking both, até my husbands family house, with ouro son, in Portugal and sharing it, via facebook and blogger, in english, with people from the entire world :) it's a lot to the gratefull for :) unschooling discutions helped me to see it.

  2. And I love that someone I was able to meet thought of me while picking spinach (wild spinach?) and was able to let me know so quickly With a PHOTO! :-)