Thursday, June 27, 2013

Too small, too small !

You know how sometimes you can just feel someone is looking at you?

I took a photo of a wheelbarrow at a roadside services stop off the M-6. Two burly men were working on something involving a hole in the tarmac there. On turned to look at me when I took the photo and so I didn't take more.

Mostly, I think that wheelbarrow is too small for them. Two big men, one wee wheelbarrow.

That was not so far from "Weeford." I told Adam that Weeford was the place where people went to wee in the river. He laughed, even though he knew it was a joke. (Oh... I guess that's the best reason to laugh.)

I told him I didn't want to go to POOford. And that was no joke. Though in the UK, Pooford might go heavy on the "poof" and forget about the "ford." Language is funny. But that wheelbarrow... It wasn't the manliest of wheelbarrows. Still, either of those guys could probably have lifted it with one hand and set it lightly into their vehicle.

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