Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chelsea Flower Show (the wheelbarrow year)

Elaine Greenwood-Hyde wrote:
There was a wheelbarrow installation/sculpture at the Chelsea Flower show this year. As part of the flower show's centenary, it was a celebration of the wheelbarrow. It's been hard to find pictures.
Elaine sent a link to a blog post where someone collects photos of rust. Rust and wheelbarrow met here:

The photographer and collector there is Gregg Smith, who lives in the UK somewhere, and has a blog he's kept since February 2013 called "Rust Never Sleeps." Each day he's putting up a photo of rust. There are some beautiful things there.

This one he took too, of wheelbarrows that aren't rusty yet, a view of an art installation at that flower show (and at his blog there is another).

On a French blog (in English) by an Englishman (in France), I found more. The wheelbarrow above is the second one in the series shown below.
Chelsea Flower Show - History of the wheelbarrow...
In the early days, before mechanical handling, rocks and other gardeny things were manhandled and carried in wheelbarrows which were carved from solid oak and weighed a couple of tons when empty.


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