Monday, May 28, 2018

Folding wheelbarrow

This is a cross between a plastic bag and a wheelbarrow (in a good way), and watching this in use brings up questions of what is and is not a wheelbarrow. "A barrow" can be a stretcher, seems—two poles with a canvas "bed." This is that, with a wheel to replace the second bearer.

Thanks to Theresa Larson for bringing it to my attention.

Allsop WheelEasy folding wheelbarrow—and it can be hung from one hook, collapsed—mostly wheel and handles.

I looked for and found other folding wheelbarrow entries on various mail-order sites, but "no longer available" seemed common, and some designs were a bit convoluted. Easy storage and loading seem the benefits, but I can't well imagine one of these being forty years old and still useful, and compared to a traditional, manufactured wheelbarrow, it's expensive.

Still, philosophically, it's a good "Is this a wheelbarrow?" item, and look at the pivot of the handles to the axle/frame of the wheel, when it's hung on the wall.

We use a fabric wood sling with two wooden handles. Using this for firewood is like a wood sling with a wheel.

It's causing me to review what I know of slings and wheelbarrows.

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