Saturday, July 12, 2014

The wheelbarrow race in England

I hadn't seen the front axle fastened to flat lumber before. This photo is from 1932, and was identified as La course à la brouette en Angleterre : [photographie de presse] / Agence Mondial -diff. par l'Agence Mondial (Paris)-1932

It's from a link to 9,708 wheelbarrow-related photos on the French National Library site. Cath GB sent it to me!

France is the place for wheelbarrow history. The wikipedia page in French is much longer than in any other language.

I went to see where that race might have been, and why. I found another wheelbarrow race in England, celebrating fifty years (so it wasn't the 1932 race). There are photos! One person pushes, one person rides, and there are costumes involved. And water. Big audience, even though it was raining. Braughing Wheelbarrow Race celebrates 50 Years. Braughing is in Hertfordshire, between London and Cambridge. Their race has a facebook page: Braughing Wheelbarrow Race. Their race has a nice logo:

Here's one in Pewsey that's for adults only, at night… Teams of three or more, costumes. September 18, 2014, if anyone wants to go and check it out. There are photos of former years: This is put on by The Pewsey And District Feast And Carnival (PADFAC), established in 1898. They put on the oldest carnival in Wiltshire. Their newsletter said, in February, that the 2014 race might not be held. In calling for volunteers, part of what was written was "There are some 800-900 people who take part in the Wheelbarrow race each year and between us we need to find two volunteers to take up these positions." (There are updates there.)

Without an extensive search, I see that there are also wheelbarrow races in Great Glen and in Watchet, in England. Watchet has a logo, too (at least for facebook purposes):

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